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October 28, 2010

Hi all!

Remember how I mentioned the song "Blue Skies" in last week's newsletter?  Well, shortly after sending that Lily & I set off up the highway and she asked if an Ella Fitzgerald "mix" was ok, and that was the first song to come on!  How funny is that?!

Anyway, we were driving under cloudy skies, with our friend Susan, heading to Lincoln Nebraska to visit the Quilt Study Center & Museum.  We saw this great exhibit, Quilts of South Asia.  I highly recommend you try to catch it before it closes on Nov. 7.

 Here's a great shot of Lily & Susan admiring one of the many quilts on display.  This one is all reverse appliqué with small, detailed quilting between the motifs.  Hard to describe, and difficult to comprehend the hours that must be involved.

The exhibit was excellent.  There were great photographs of the homes of the quilters in their native countries.  This made the quilts seem all the more awesome to these mid-Americans, with our Berninas, complaining about poor lighting and cat hair!  LOL   I don't think we'd get any sympathy from the artistic women of India, Pakistan & Bangladesh!  Dust and dirt seemed prevalent as it was the main building material for their homes.

 Interesting how young women in every culture seem to love to carry RED on their shoulders!

While there was much to learn and admire about these quilts, the number one lesson for me was that we may "fuss" too much.

Please continue to strive to do the best job you can, but when a quilt isn't exactly flat or square, know that it wouldn't be any more charming if it were!

 These quilts were not given to a machine quilter to finish either!  Part of why they were not completely flat was because of the detailed and very close hand stitching and quilting.  Even when some of their hand-dyed and possibly hand-woven fabrics had bled, it didn't detract from the quilt's overall beauty.  I would have taken any one of them, "flaws" and all!

I just finished an unusual quilt, that I like very much but Fluffy LOVES!  She seems to think I made it JUST for her, as it matches  her so perfectly!  

This is a PRINTED IKAT.  I.e. it is printed to look like a hand loomed fabric known as IKAT.  

The fabric line is called SANTA FE, from Windham.

Some of these fabrics are marked down and still available in the BARGAIN section of the website, and at Charlotte's Bargain Fabric & Stichery.

I have just 2 kits for this quilt as shown.  If you like the backing I used, please click to add that to your order.

It is also available in BLUE.  I'll choose a nice backing for that one, if you ask me to.  The pattern I used is from Kansas Troubles, called TICKED OFF.  :)

You can order it here:

 We have two great HALLOWEEN QUILT KITS left, just one of each, so you might want to phone 316-284-2547 if you want to order one of these.

The first is from the HAIR-RAISING COLLECTION. 

 It is 25% off the original price.

 The second is a queen-size HALLOWEEN QUILT sampler quilt featuring several different fabric lines.  The pattern is NORTHERN LIGHTS by Marti Michell.  Click here for images of the entire quilt.  It is also 25% off the original price.


All remaining 



50% OFF

in the store and on-line.  Quantities are limited to that on hand, of course, so when it's gone, it's gone.  Check it out now, here:



Get 5 months of kits for just $5.  This is a savings of $20!

We introduce a new pattern & kit each 1st Wednesday of the month.  

Check them out in the store now.  5 COLORS to choose from.  

Ruth has posted some new FINISHING KIT suggestions.  Kits are available now.  Be sure to get them soon.  Offer ends Nov. 2nd.

If the weather holds, they should be finishing the construction on the I-135 ramps to SE 36th Street, leading the CHARLOTTE'S BARGAIN FABRIC & STITCHERY.  If you are coming from the north (Newton or beyond), it is still best to use either Old 81 (Kansas Ave.) or Spencer Road.


At the MALL, Nov. 4th, 5th & 6th ONLY!

Buy 5 yards of PINK TAG fabric & get 5 yards FREE!

The lower price yardage, pink tag or not, will be free.  

Minimum cut 1/2 yard, sold in 1/2 yard increments.

WHAT A DEAL!!  See you next Thursday, Friday & Saturday at

Charlotte's Bargain Fabric & Stitchery!

Hope to see you soon!

Have a great weekend!


Charlotte Wolfe

Charlotte's Sew Natural
710 N. Main St.
Newton, KS  67114
Mon. - Fri. 9:30 - 5:30, Thurs. 'til 8, Sat. 9:30 - 5

Charlotte's Bargain Fabric & Stitchery
601 SE 36th St (Chisholm Trail Mall, #103)
Newton, KS  67114
Mon. - Fri. 10 - 5:30, Thurs. 'til 7, Sat. 10 - 5:30
Mon. - Sun. 12 - 12 :)

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