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 Wednesday December 26, 2012

Hi all!

The Twelve Days of Christmas are the festive days beginning Christmas Day and ending on the Twelfth Night of Christmas which is always on the evening of January 5th.

Currently, the twelve days and nights are celebrated in widely varying ways around the world. For example, some give gifts only on Christmas Day, some only on Twelfth Night, and some each of the twelve nights.

Celebrants observing the Twelve Days may give gifts on each day of the Twelve Days representing a wish for a corresponding month of the new year. 

 The significance of the twelve days of Christmas to Christians is that they mark the time between when Jesus was born and when he was visited by the Wise Men. In some countries, Epiphany, January 6, is the more traditional date for giving gifts than is Christmas day. These gifts symbolize the gifts brought by the Wise Men, also called the Three Kings, or Magi. 

I personally like the theory that the Magi were religious scholars and astronomers, travelling with a large entourage, "following the star", or some astrological phenomenon. 

As a theoretical astrophysicist, Grant Mathews spent two years in research which led him to conclude that the heavenly sign around the time of the birth of Jesus Christ was likely an unusual alignment of planets, the sun and the moon.

For more on Grant Mathews' theory, go to:

So, with all this in mind, I hope you will enjoy my gift to you, TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS GIFTS which you may order for yourself or for re-gifting!

Each day, through January 5th, inspired by both the traditional gifts of the magi and wishes for the new year, I will make a special, one-day offer on-line. You may order that day, we'll charge your card, but we will ship your "Gifts" on Monday, January 6th! You may order items just one day, or all twelve! With multiple orders you'll save on shipping, as all will ship as one package, with one shipping charge, on January 6th. You can disregard all the individual shipping costs showing on your receipts.  These are not your actual charges.

Crabapple Hill - 12 Days of Christmas - Towel Pattern #416If you are local, or will be in Newton on or about January 6th, tell us in the shipping comments that you'll pick up your package, and you'll save even more! We'll charge your credit card and have it all packaged up pretty and waiting for you.

Supplies are adequate but not unlimited, so if you see something you like, don't hesitate, as it might sell out!

We hope you'll enjoy reading about these gifts, and that you may find them thought provoking and inspirational in more ways than one!

Merry Christmas!

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Anticipating the Gifts of the Magi and Best Wishes for the New Year!

 First Day: The Gift of GOLD

GOLD has greased many a path. Did you know gold can “buy time”? Yes, 
when applied to sewing needles, that is! Gold 'N Glide needles go faster - 
they glide through the fabric - buying you time! 

25% off this collection of 
3 different hand needles will convince you too and 2 “golden” fat quarters 
just for fun! All for just $11.66 today! (Quilting, Appliqué, Milliner)

See all the TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS GIFTS here as they are presented.

Merry Christmas!


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