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Saturday December 29, 2012

 Hi all!

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Anticipating the Gifts of the Magi and Best Wishes for the New Year!

Fourth Day - The Gift of Games with Family & Friends

Traveling is always more fun with others!  Imagine if the story was "One Wise Man was following a star."  hmmmm

Yes, let's imagine that this group of travelers, certainly family & friends, has been walking or riding for many hours.  They finally stop for the night, tired, they sit in groups sharing tales and observations of the day.  Someone pulls out a relaxing game - CHECKERS!

 According to research done by Arie van der Stoep the origins of Checkers can certainly be traced back to Biblical times! 

"From monumental inscriptions it appears that the game was familiar to the Egyptians as early as 200 B.C. It's antiquity is attested by Homer in the Odyssey, where reference is made to games in the palace of Ulysses in Ithica, and by Plato who in his dialogs makes frequent mention of it by way of illustration.

Dameh was the name the Eqyptians gave to a board-game that was recovered in old tombs.

We can only assume that the Arabs being nomads, had textile chess-boards of which no examples have been left."   

If you'd like to read more on the history of checkers, click here:


 Prolific quilt maker & pattern designer Lori Smith, gives us a pattern for a sweet little quilt, CHECKERS ANYONE.  I've included 5 fat quarters that you can use for this, front & back.


Check out all of Lori's FROM MY HEART TO YOUR HANDS patterns here:

Create FAMILY HEIRLOOMS by including printed quotes in your quilts, pillows & table toppers.  




If you'd like to order additional items and have them ship with your TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS GIFTS, just let us know in the SHIPPING COMMENTS section of the order.  Take advantage of combining orders to save on postage!

See all the TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS GIFTS here as they are presented.

Merry Christmas!

If this is the first email you've seen, you may be wondering what these "gifts" are all about! :)

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Wishing you a most merry Holiday Season!


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