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 Friday February 1, 2013

Hi all!

Happy February, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to me!

Today marks the 28TH ANNIVERSARY of my selling fabric here in Harvey County!

I've moved the store a few times and changed the name once, but I'm still here, doing the same old thing!  LOL

I've been reflecting on what it's been like doing this for 28 years, and it is funny what pops in my mind!  LOL  Here's a list, for what it's worth.

Thinking out loud: 28 thoughts for 28 years in business 

  1. What did I do without my inventory on a computer?!

  2. What did I do without the internet?!!

  3. The ROTARY CUTTER's appearance was literally like the invention of the wheel!  hahaha  Life became so much easier!

  4. There are soooo many more fabric companies today than when I started.

  5. There are so many more GOOD FABRIC COMPANIES, geared towards quilters, than even 10 years ago.  And so many FREE PATTERNS to help sell their fabrics.

  6. Isn't a FAT QUARTER a neat thing?  Can't remember when I cut my first one, but I've cut many, many thousand since!

  7. Who had the idea that a group of 5-inch fabric squares should be called a CHARM PACK and instantly be so cool?!

  8. Isn't JELLY ROLL a much better name than what Debbie Caffrey, a talented teacher & quilter, first called them back in the late '90s - WORMS!?   2-1/2" strips are still fun to play & sew with, no matter what they're called!  LOL

  9. Customers sure love KITS!

  10. Customers sure love BLOCK-A-MONTH kits.

  11. Customers sure love FREE KITS!  Thank goodness someone thought up the SATURDAY SAMPLER concept!!

  12. Thank goodness the Texans did a QUILT SHOP HOP, so we Kansans could prove that some things ARE better in Kansas!  :)

  13. Thank goodness I've gotten to know so many nice quilt shop owners!  (Most of whom know how to take a joke! LOL)

  14. 100% Cotton fabrics have come a long way.  Such great quality now, no iron, no bleed.  Thank you Hoffman & Andover for proving it could be done!

  15. Fusible products make life easier, and keep improving in quality.

  16. Thread has gotten better and there seems to be no limit to number of colors, although I still think NEUTRAL is best.  Fine and strong, makes accurate stitching easier.

  17. Invisible thread has come a long way, and now really is almost invisible!  Helps us work our "magic". 

  18. Electronic sewing machine with "needle-up" changed my life!

  19. 1/4-inch foot made such a difference too!

  20. Thank you Marti Michell for seeing the value in TEMPLATES that one could use with a rotary cutter, with engineered corners, that helped save time & fabric, and being such a leader in this industry.

  21. There are so many specialty rulers & templates available today.  So many options for an easier, faster way to do traditional quilts & "modern" ones too.

  22. Thank you Eleanor Burns for introducing so many people to the "fun" of quilting on TV!  And making it seem so FAST & EASY, that anyone can make a QUILT IN A DAY!

  23. Thank you Alex Anderson, for introducing quilting to many, many more women on HGTV, and introducing us all to so many talented quilters who were her guests, while hiding her own talents under a bushel!  LOL  She is smart & generous!

  24. Quilters as individuals and as a group are such generous people!  Seems like so many customers' projects are intended as GIFTS!  And any disaster or general need, brings quilters with their donation quilts out of the woodwork!  I am honored to be a part of this "club".

  25.  YOU-TUBE, where more generous quilters, professional and amateur, share details of their techniques, and allow "wannabe" quilters to teach themselves any hour of the day or night!

  26. PINTEREST, where so many discover they are a 'WANNABE' QUILTER!  LOL

  27. FACEBOOK, where news spreads fast, and quilters share.

  28. Orchids?  I made it 28 years and I get an ORCHID?  Well, purple fabric has always been popular.  I can't remember a time that quilters didn't like purple!  :)

 SPECIALS FOR THE WEEK - the first week of my 29th year! (expire Feb. 7th)


MOVING FORWARD - More new products!

I have been having fun applying SLICKER to lots of different fabrics.  While not water "proof', SLICKER does make fabric water "resistant", which is a neat thing in many cases!  LOL

This stuff is easy to apply and gives a neat shiny look as well as an easy to wipe off surface.  So helpful in many situation! :)

 I love the shape of this small DESK DELI TOTE from QUILTS ILLUSTRATED.  

So that I wouldn't have to worry about setting it on the floor of my car, or a messy lunch table, I treated the lower portion of the bag with slicker.  You can add a piece of SLICKER to the kit if you like!

Details on kit or pattern:

Quilters love stuff that is FREE. 

 This month, February, ALL ORDERS will include this 


a small quilt that finishes approximately 41 inches square.  Perfect to decorate a table top, couch back, wall or?

If you'd like a fabric kit, featuring EASTER EGGS, click here for details:


And, because there are still lots of WANNABE quilters out there, check out this cool "LEARN TO SEW" kit which includes a very sweet SWEET ROLL, 1-1/2 inch strips from Moda's Urban Chiks, and 2 simple patterns that will be easy for anyone to cut & stitch.  Comes packed in a darling round pink tote bag.

28% off while supplies last.

Kits available for SOFT HEARTED, perfect for Valentine's Day.

In the original pillow Mary used KISSING BOOTH by Basic Grey for Moda, and a bit of something else for the box edge.  It finishes approx. 13 x 13 inches.  Great for a sofa, bed or chair!



 The latest uses Sophia embossed CUDDLE, soft cuddly fleece.  

The pillow reverses from pink with grey medallions to grey with white & pink trellis and a solid grey ruched boxed side panel.



Stop in soon to see the newest BARGAINS at our Mall store just  4-1/2  miles south of downtown Newton.  

Many more bolts added again this week!

We're only about 25 minutes north of downtown Wichita on I-135.

BARGAINS on the WEB can be found here:

NEW PRODUCTS continue to be listed on the web site.  Like SHORT & STOUT from Quilting Treasures, with a great FREE PATTERN for these TEA POTS here:

Imagine what the stores look like!  Lots of new product in both the downtown store and the bargain store at the Chisholm Trail Mall.


 Have a wonderful weekend and be like Meiko, learn to make new friends!


Charlotte Wolfe

Charlotte's Sew Natural
710 N. Main St.
Newton, KS  67114
Mon. - Fri. 9:30 - 5:30, Thurs. 'til 8, Sat. 9:30 - 5

Charlotte's Bargain Fabric & Stitchery
601 SE 36th St (Chisholm Trail Mall, #103)
Newton, KS  67114
 Mon. - Fri. 10 - 5:30, Thurs. 'til 7, Sat. 10 - 5:30
Mon. - Sun. 12 - 12 :)

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