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February 4, 2014


Hi all!

The snow is here, just as predicted.  

Schools are closed, events are cancelled.  Our Mall store is closed today, and the downtown store is waiting for deliveries, then we might go home too.  So call first if you are thinking of getting out on the roads!

But, no matter what the weather, our PARADE OF ANIMALS must go on!

Day 4 - Cats & Dogs

 Best friends to many, CATS & DOGS are a favorite with designers too!

I am a big fan of cats, especially, and getting to know dogs a bit better too, now that I have a "grand-dog". :)  So, you know we're always going to have a great selection of both.  

 One thing we've noticed, "cat people" love most things cats.  "Dog people" are always looking for their own "breed".  Hmmm. . . . check out Darcy Ashton's DARLING LITTLE DOGS and BEAUTIFUL BIG DOGS, both full of lots of patterns for all sorts of dogs!  

Have fun browsing through the stores and web site.  Here are a few to get you started!


Claire's Cats from Darcy Ashton

Claire's Cats Volume 2

Beautiful Big Dogs

Darling Little Dogs

 We've again been having fun with the CLOVER YO-YO MAKERS.

Indygo Junction's YO-YO CAT pattern is quite fun and very popular with the kids.  Mary's grand-daughters can't get enough!

We've put together special bundles for both the YO-YO CAT and the YO-YO DACHSUND.  

These yo-yo bundles SPECIALLY PRICED during the PARADE OF ANIMALS!  

Check them out now!




Look at these darlings!









Artists like Dr. Seuss & 
David Hearn like to play with animals too!  

The CAT IN THE HAT is a classic.







And yes, these are just 


  Rachel's of Greenfield  has several very popular CAT KITS that come with the pattern and all the fabrics for piecing the small quilt and felt for the appliqués. 


Spotty Cat - Wall Quilt Kit

Cat Stack - Wall Quilt Kit

And, you could hang any number of cute things from this WIRE HANGER.  



Available in two sizes.

Click here:

See lots of other WIRE HANGERS here:


No, it is not raining, it is SNOWING!  

But here is your SNOW DAY very special deal!  Do not wait for a rainy day, as this deal will be gone!

As I write, there are only 2, and these will not be available again!

RAINING CATS & DOGS quilt kit.

ON SALE 25% OFF all fabrics for top & back, plus patterns.

See it here:

To review Day 3 - Wildlife:


To review Day 2 - Owls:


To review Day 1 - Horses:


The "PARADE" will continue through Sunday February 9th, a new ANIMAL or group of animals introduced every day with SPECIALS (while supplies last). Don't hesitate, as it could be gone tomorrow. :)

On MONDAY FEBRUARY 10th we'll start SHIPPING TOGETHER everything you've ordered, unless you specify otherwise (like by saying in the shipping comments "don't wait, send now", "I'll pick up in store").  If we ship all together, you'll pay only one suitable shipping fee or if you pick up, you'll not be charged any shipping (and we'll ignore the many shipping charges that show up on your multiple orders.)

We hope you'll have time to enjoy the daily emails, but all the SPECIALS will be here as they are introduced if you need a short-cut:


Watch to see all the fun we'll have with this. :)


Please be careful out there.  Remember to call your destination to be sure it is open before venturing out in this snow!

Hope to see or hear from you soon! 


Charlotte Wolfe


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