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 February 9, 2014


Hi all!

Well, the Parade sped past me or something, and I missed yesterday's report!  Sorry about that!

So, let's just see what ANIMALS we've got left!

Remember, you have until the end of today to take advantage of the PARADE OF ANIMALS SPECIALS.  

Click on the various days' links below for reminders.

Day 8 - Forest Animals

Day 9 - Chickens

 To start, we have a very pretty set of PLACEMATS featuring FOREST WALK fabrics.

It looks so peaceful, but just imagine what animals may lurk in this forest!

TIGERS?!  Maybe. :)

We've got some great ones spotted here.


Check out our striking 



 Other FOREST ANIMALS including INSECTS can be found in WOODSY WONDER:

Start with a BOOK PANEL, or any of the incredible artwork from JANET WECKER-FRISCH.


Or maybe you've taken a drive this weekend, and this is what you saw in your local forest!  Great fabrics featuring DEER & SNOW & FORESTS can be found in WINTER STILLNESS:

I'm going to end our PARADE, with CHICKEN!  LOL

I could have gone on for many more days before I felt like I'd really covered all the animals in the store.  

We've hardly touched on birds at all during this parade!  Maybe we'll do a TRIP THROUGH THE AVIARY at a later date!  Stay in touch!

Meanwhile, here's a great, last DEAL OF THE DAY!

You can see other CHICKEN & ROOSTER fabrics here:

Day 9 - Chickens


And, as a little BONUS, , if FARM ANIMALS are more to your liking, click here:

Day 9 - Farm Animals


To review Day 7 - Safari Animals:


To review Day 6 - Fox & Hedgehogs:


To review Day 5 - Menagerie:


To review Day 4 - Cats & Dogs:


To review Day 3 - Wildlife:


To review Day 2 - Owls:


To review Day 1 - Horses:


The "PARADE" ends today, Sunday February 9th, a new ANIMAL or group of animals was introduced every day with SPECIALS (while supplies last). Don't hesitate, as it could be gone tomorrow. :)

Tomorrow, MONDAY FEBRUARY 10th we'll start SHIPPING TOGETHER everything you've ordered.

We hope you've enjoyed the PARADE! :)


 Hope to see or hear from you soon!   


Charlotte Wolfe


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