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Friday May 10, 2013

 Hi all!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.  Let your family know that the perfect gift for you is from Charlotte's Sew Natural, and just might mean a gift for them in the future! ;)

Gift Certificates here:

My mother loves dolls.  As a child, she started a doll collection and then passed it on to me when I was quite young.  I kept them all on display in a curved glass-front china cabinet in my bedroom.  I loved looking at & playing with them. 

 There are all sorts of dolls in this collection.  Many from around the world, and many different types of construction, simple & complex.  

In a college art class I made my first "self-portrait" doll.  I was an avid down-hill skier, and so concentrated on that aspect of my personality.  I made most of the doll out of fine wale cotton corduroy, which was a staple of my real wardrobe, and took great artistic liberty by giving "myself" long, thin legs. (I'm 5'2", if you've never met me. :)  

I'm pretty sure I was up against a deadline and was stymied by the face, so just quickly painted and stitched on a pink velveteen face,  that is really quite scary! LOL

But the ski boots "I" was wearing were really awesome and pretty true to my actual boots!

Later, I made more dolls.  I made the "Gardening Angel" at the top of the page who watches over my sewing room, and a whole family of little "tied hand" rag dolls that are pretty sweet and easy to play with!

Have you made dolls?  Do you have some home-made doll stories?  I'd love to hear them.  Share them on the Charlotte's Sew Natural FACEBOOK page if you will please. And LIKE my page while you're there too. Thanks!

I'm giving away a copy of the book, FANCIFUL CLOTH DOLLS.  Just click here to register for the drawing that will be held Tuesday May 14th.





I've been sewing up a storm again this past week.  I finished another couple of quilts and got one back from the quilter.  I am still having fun with this MODERN QUILTS genre.  

 My latest uses lots of fabrics (27 different ones) and no "white space".  

It is from Julie Herman's SKIP THE BORDERS.  Called SQUARE CITY, I used all my favorite blue, green, and teal fabrics, and then tossed in a few taupes, to keep it from getting boring! 

I love how Wilma quilted it too!  Really ties it all together!

You can order a bundle like mine here:


Mary's been sewing too.  She made this ADORABLE little dress using an OLIVER + S pattern, TEA PARTY.

See details here on pattern & fabric:

Do you make wearables?

Check out all our CLOTHING & WEARABLE patterns here:

Speaking of "wearables", check out a really neat new on-line CONTEST - PROJECT SEWN.

 Project Sewn - The Black and White Challenge, just started this week.  The voting has ended, but it will be interesting to see who the winner is.  Votes cast by on-lookers are only part of the tally.  The contestants also get to vote, and can't vote for themselves.

I voted for the skinny white jeans and black leather jacket.  Very technical, a great look and a great FIT!

We have so many BLACK & WHITE fabrics in the downtown store.  A great selection to have a lot of fun with!


And, we're going to include SIX BLACK & WHITE FAT QUARTERS with the FANCIFUL CLOTH DOLLS book give away as well!

Be sure to enter to win:

 We know our customers continue to get excited about BLACK & WHITE.  Evelyn brought in this quilt today!  This was a Block-A-Month we did a while ago.  Just back from the quilter, the wool batting will keep her granddaughter very cozy!  Congratulations Evelyn!

What's BLACK & WHITE & RED all over?  Great new fabric from Studio 37!  NEXT WAVE:

Try BLACK & WHITE & GREY & YELLOW all over too!



Newest Additions to the web.


There are even a few BARGAIN BLACK & WHITE fabrics right now.


We've added dozens more bolts to the south store (on SE 36th St) where they have become BARGAIN FABRICS at CHARLOTTE'S BARGAIN FABRICS in the Chisholm Trail Mall, SE 36th St., south of Newton.  We've even added new shelving this week!  Come see for yourself!


 And, speaking of BLACK & WHITE, have you heard about the 2013 CENTRAL KANSAS QUILT SHOP HOP, happening October 4, 5 & 6?  Our theme is A BLACK TIE AFFAIR, and our fabric is a great souvenir of your Hop!

By popular request, we've included all the names of the towns again this year in our exclusive fabric.  Two different versions.  Watch for the shops' quilts later this summer.

Meanwhile, check periodically for details & updates.

Mark your calendars and start organizing your groups!  This will be fun! 

We continue, for the rest of the month of May, to include with all web orders , this FREE PATTERN for a festive BANNER .  

 When you're in the store, be sure to ask for a copy.

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND is only 2 weeks away!

JULY 4TH is only 4-1/2 weeks after that!

Start sewing now!  We've got an IT'S A BANNER DAY kit, like the quilt pictured here, available for a limited time, which includes a paper-piecing guide for those half-wheel buntings.  

Please check out the details here:

Lots more PATRIOTIC FABRICS can be found here:

Remember to enter our drawing for the book & fat quarters!

 Have a great weekend!


Charlotte Wolfe

Charlotte's Sew Natural
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