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Neurons of the Brain


May 22, 2014

Hi all!

Last week I mentioned that I've really been giving my brain neurons, in charge of CREATIVITY, a workout!  Above is an image of brain neurons firing!  Does it look like my latest web button?!  Was my brain taking a "selfie"?  LOL

 The button's image is actually a block from our newest quilt, our version of Thimble Blossom's SWOON pattern. Kits available now, the quilt is still being quilted!  LOL

We're calling it HOME RUN! and it will be our entry into the MAJOR LEAGUE QUILT COMPETITION, which begins mid-July.  

 You can take a peek at last year's entries and winner to get a feel for how this is going to work.  So, in July, when I say "I think I've hit a HOME RUN!  Please go vote for my quilt now!", you'll have an idea of what I'm talking about!  LOL  (Inspirational picture of "home run fireworks" at Royals Stadium in KC.)

 We do have the pattern for GLORY, the 2013 champion quilt, and would be more than happy to help you pull fabrics for any of the 8 sizes included in this quilt pattern.  We have lots of red & blue fabrics!

See Cozy Quilts GLORY pattern here:

OK, so many bursts of LOL in the opening paragraphs!  Nervous laughter?   Maybe.  I have a LOT of June 1 deadlines!  

I really am delighted and having lots of fun with all the creative stimulus in the store right now!  So many projects and SPECIAL EVENTS to ready for you!  Lots of new fabric & notions (rulers, mainly) to play with!

 Whether you are staying close to home or travelling around the States & Canada this summer, check out the ROW BY ROW EXPERIENCE, a new kind of Shop Hop.  There are more than 50 participating shops in KANSAS alone!

 I have designed our ROWS for the FREE PATTERNS that will be handed out in both stores starting July 1.  

They each use CREATIVE GRIDS rulers.  They will be revealed and posted on a number of web sites soon and hopefully, in my next week's newsletter.

For now, I'll just tell you that I used one of my new, favorite rulers, the COTTAGE RULER, a non-slip ruler from Creative Grids.  This ruler makes cutting parallelograms easy!  Not to mention TRAPEZIUMS! 

Yes, I'm giving you a tease, so stay tuned for pictures next week! :) 

Just in time for a JUNE START on Wednesday June 4th, I've devised a, 
pick up in the store,


Each kit will have strips of different colored fabric, including a white background, plus instructions.

This year, it will be $3/kit, the month of issue, and $5/kit after the month.   If you want to make a 70" x 90" quilt, you will need to buy 2 kits each month in 8 of the 12 months.

Thangles are optional, but available.  Later on, there will be a finishing kit for approx. $20, to finish the top of a TWIN size quilt.  Backing will be additional.

Yes, for at least the first few months, you won't know what you're doing.  LOL  If that sounds like fun (or just like the rest of your life), this is for you! :)

Each month you'll buy fabric and receive instructions of something to sew, but at first, you won't know what you're making. 

Here are some colors that will be involved:

You can also 


It starts in June.

Click here for details:

 NEW BLOCK A MONTH ready now

Come see our completed quilt hanging in the store - you're gonna love it!

You can buy HOUSE WARMING, as a complete kit now, or month by month for SIX MONTHS.  

 This new BLOCK-A-MONTH quilt is written by Vicki Bellino and designed especially for using Marcus Strip-It fabrics.

Click here for more info on "Strip-It" fabrics and the complete HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS fabric collection here:

From our own Kansan designers, Jen & Toni at Wing and A Prayer Designs, comes
MULBERRY STARS, a beautiful, bed-size BATIK QUILT.  

With borders, this beauty finishes approx. 104 inches square!

MULBERRY STARS Pattern and kit available here:

 This quilt only looks complex.  Toni & Jenny write EASY directions for cutting over-size and trimming to exact measurements.  

See all the WING AND A PRAYER designs here:

Their technique of cutting slightly over-sized is perfect for using the BLOC_LOC RULERS, both HALF SQUARE TRIANGLE and FLYING GEESE trimmers!

And the new BLOC_LOC Strip-Set ruler is perfect for cutting the sashings in this quilt, keeping them square!Bloc Loc Acrylic Rulers - Strip Set Ruler - Size 7-inches x 10-inches

See all the BLOC_LOC RULERS here:



PATHS OF FAITH, a quilt that combines beautiful fabrics, a panel with printed religious icons and Bible verses with simple yet interesting piecing in the GOD'S EYE block.  

See the kit or pattern/panel here:

PATHS OF FAITH uses fabrics from Wing and A Prayer's latest fabric line for Timeless Treasures, MOOD SWINGS.  

See all the fabrics here:

Also a great place to use the BLOC_LOC FLYING GEESE ruler!

Marti Michell Bordered Rows Sampler Quilt Looking for a class?  Instruction, encouragement, camaraderie all for one low price!  $48/year

This SAMPLER QUILT CLASS will start in September, and meet every month, the 3rd Thursday, morning and evening, for an entire year.

BORDERED ROWS by MARTI MICHELL, will feature 12 unique quilt blocks, using her SET L TEMPLATES.

Instructor Mary Eilerts will guide you through, step by step, from selecting fabric to perfecting your technique, producing a beautiful quilt!

Better yet, this is a lecture/demo class, so you don't have to haul in all your sewing supplies!

We'll gladly help you select fabrics that suit your taste & decor, or you can use Marti's beautiful fabrics, TOMORROW'S PROMISE, pictured here, by Maywood Studios.

This Memorial Day weekend, let's kick it off with CELEBRATION the newest STONEHENGE group from Northcott!

 Mary has added a border to her panel.  Still needs to be quilted, it will be hanging in the store soon.

See pattern here:

See our assortment of other PATRIOTIC FABRICS by clicking here:

If you love a BARGAIN, be sure to visit our ALL ON SALE location, CHARLOTTE'S BARGAIN FABRIC & STITCHERY, in The Chisholm Trail Mall, just off I-135, south of Newton.Marcus Brothers - Civil War Chronicles by Judie Rothermel -Purple Scattered Tropical Floral

Just marked down!  CIVIL WAR CHRONICLES!

Click here for a SPECIAL COUPON!  
Print & bring into the store for EXTRA SAVINGS!

All fabric is marked a minimum of 20% off the original price.  Many are marked down much further, with tables full of $6.97, $5.97 & $4.97/yard fabrics, some even lower!

Recently added SALE FABRICS include the following lines:

Many more SALE ITEMS listed in the web store on-line too:

On SALE up to 25% Off

On SALE 26% to 50% Off

On SALE 50% Off and more!



 The NEWEST ADDITIONS - including Sew A Season from TIMELESS TREASURES, will be found at the downtown store, Charlotte's Sew Natural, and on the web:


Row by Row Experience 2014 starts in July, but the exclusive fabrics are in the store now.  Come check them out soon!


Most Kansans love this movie, but you don't have to be a Kansan to have fond childhood memories of being terrified by the Wicked Witch or The Wizard of Oz!

This new commemorative fabric collection, 75 YEARS OF WICKEDNESS, will delight even those who never watched the movie! 

Talk about "terrifying",  check out the FLYING MONKEYS, my pretty! LOL

When I see a MONSTER TRUCK on the street, I am terrified! But here is a cute fabric line that many LITTLE KIDS & their parent will really get a kick out of!


Kuddly Kalico Patterns - Douglas Dozer Quilt Pattern


Or try this DOUGLAS DOZER quilt pattern, that can be customized to suit your boy's favorite colors!



 How's that garden coming along?  Be sure to check out our latest delivery of FARMER JOHN'S ORGANIC FRUIT & VEGETABLES - fabrics that is!  

Includes strawberries, peanuts, green beans, apples, peaches, potatoes & cherries!  Great artwork!  Makes my mouth water! LOL


 If I was the "fishing type", I might use the 3-day weekend to kick-back and fish!  

For all you fishermen & fisherwomen out there, here's a nice quilt to wrap up in if the boat is chilly, or just stay home and take a nap under!  Again, great artwork and great quilt design!

New kit available for this quilt that finishes approx. 65 x 75 inches.

Wilmington - A Lazy Afternoon by Anita Phillips - Fishermen & Woods Scenes on Blue Water Fat QuarterMay you stay safe, enjoy your family gatherings and have at least one "Lazy Afternoon".

We will be closed Sunday (as usual) and Monday May 26th, for Memorial Day, so come see us before then, to be sure to have plenty of supplies on hand.  We wouldn't want anybody to be "too lazy". LOL

Have a good weekend!  


Charlotte Wolfe

Charlotte's Sew Natural
710 N. Main St.
Newton, KS  67114
Mon. - Fri. 9:30 - 5:30, Thurs. 'til 6:30, Sat. 9:30 - 5 (Closed Memorial Day Monday)


Charlotte's Bargain Fabric & Stitchery
601 SE 36th St (Chisholm Trail Mall, #103)
 Newton, KS  67114
Mon. - Fri. 10 - 5:30, Thurs. 'til 6, Sat. 10 - 5:30 (Closed Memorial Day Monday)
Mon. - Sun. 12 - 12  (always there)



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