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 Friday May 31, 2013

Hi all!

This is the end of one month, but the start of Summer! (ok, not technically, but it does feel like it. :) )

Continuing with this End/Start theme, I usually lead off my e-letter with news centered around the downtown store.  But just in case you missed it, and to be sure you don't miss it this week, I'm going to lead off with news from the WEB STORE that was at the end of last week's newsletter!

 NEW ON-LINE!!  BARGAIN DEPARTMENTS defined by the item's 
% discount, making it easier to browse for specials.  

SEW INEXPENSIVE!  Enjoy exploring! 

On SALE up to 25% Off

On SALE 26% to 50% Off

On SALE 50% Off and more!


 We're introducing a new FREE PATTERN with every web order in the month of June.  Also available for the asking when you visit Charlotte's Sew Natural in downtown Newton.

Everest the Elephant is a pattern for a small 18 x 18 inch square pillow or wall quilt.  But you can do as I did and surround it with more fabric for giant effect! :)  Voila!  Latest in my "modern" series!

Here you can clearly see the seams, illustrating how I put it together.  It was sort of a work in progress at this point, and I have more seams than really needed, but you can get the idea!

And what a difference the quilting makes!  Thank you Wilma and your computer guided straight lines!

Do you still wonder what makes a quilt "modern" today?  Barbara Brackman, a quilt historian, has a wonderful blog that gives this question historical perspective, with examples of what is and what isn't, "modern".  And she is such a fun writer!  Enjoy reading here: 


 Earlier this month I made this quilt, from Julie Herman's SKIP THE BORDERS.  Called SQUARE CITY, I used a lot of my current favorite blue, green, and teal print fabrics, and then tossed in a bit of taupe, for variety.  I see a BIG TREND towards GREY & TAUPE.

You can order a bundle like mine here:


 And, still in this same vein, I recently completed another quilt called ARCTIC FLAME.  This is the kind of "collaborative" project that I love.  

 We had this interesting large print fabric by VALORIE WELLS that was just calling out for project suggestions, but I kept coming up empty!  One day I received a new pattern, ARCTIC FLAME, in which Pat Fryer had used this very fabric.  

You know how it goes, I liked it only I didn't like parts of it.  So I changed the bright purple zig-zag and "tamed" down the sashing with solid red, and was very happy.  Only how to quilt?  In walks new machine quilter Tina Williams and she has an idea!  Thank you Tina for adding the all important, final element to "our" project! :)  

ARCTIC FLAME quilt kit:

More Valorie Wells fabric here:


More Villa Rosa patterns


 Back to not-modern, the QUILT KIT and yardage for Moda's latest installation to the on-going program, Collections for a Cause: THE MILL BOOK SERIES: CIRCA 1835, is on-hand now and also in the web store.

This group compiles reproduction prints from a French mill book (salesman's sample book or was it something more devious?) dating back to 1835. Authentic in color and in scale, this beautiful new collection showcases the fine, delicate print quality of the period. 

Proceeds of the sales of The Mill Book Series will benefit the American Quilt Study Group to assist with educational programs, offer more scholarship opportunities, and enhance the abilities of the AQSG.

Moda also offers a FREE PATTERN on their web site for the quilt.

 Need tips on appliqué for the Reel Blocks in the quilt's center? Please ask! I'm currently using freezer paper that I ran through my computer printer to hand-appliqué the shapes. A good technique for this quilt's center.  

If you are doing needle-turn for the first time, I would suggest breaking this pattern down into smaller parts, rather than trying to appliqué it in one piece as the pattern is drawn.  

Try a series of 4 arcs and 4 leaves to surround the center.  This way you will be an expert on points (which are much easier) rather than struggling with so many "in-y" indents. :)

 Freezer paper here:

Great hand appliqué needles here:

Super fine, long straight pins here:


 Available starting next Wednesday, June 5, New BUCK-A-BLOCK year-long series - using 1.75" and 3.5" THANGLES.

The BLOCK KIT for a BUCK to be picked up in the store, will contain 1 white strip & one black strip, and the pattern to make the 7-inch finished block.  You'll also need a package of 1.75" Thangles.

BONUS KITS will be available each month, to make the block larger, finishing at 14".  Each month's bonus kit will feature a different solid color, as well as a different black/white print.  The strips will be cut to size.  These kits will cost $3.99.  You'll also need 3.5" Thangles.

See the entire selection of THANGLES sizes here:

BUCK-A-BLOCK may be MAIL ORDERED.  Details to be announced next week.  Thanks!


Again, many new fabrics in a variety of styles have arrived this week.  Be sure to take a quick look at:

PIPER - Dear Stella

Temple by Dan Bennett - Free Spirit

Plus many more NEWEST ADDITIONS here:


We have a GREAT SELECTION of fabrics for guys!

Father's Day is June 16!  Even if you only show him the fabric, and maybe promise it by Christmas, we're sure we've got something for the man in your life, "father" or not. :)

Check out all the neat textures in this group!  Screw heads, gears, circuit boards, tools!
Mr. Roboto - Studio E

Or maybe he really is a SPACE nut!  
Atomic Bots - Wilmington

Or possibly he's a COWBOY (see Western 
) or just an admirer of CHARRAS.  LOL

If he loves the SOUTHWEST, consider STONEHENGE Canyon Ridge

Gettysburg by Kensington Studio for Quilting 
Treasures might fill the bill.

A few other Gettysburg fabrics can be found here:

Or, maybe he loves STEAMPUNK!  
Victorian science fiction is something the whole family can have fun with!  Running out of time but don't have that time-travel machine done yet?  Present him with VICTORIAN DREAM fabric for Father's Day and assure him he'll have a quilt by the time it gets cold again. LOL

A Weather Channel junkie?  

Lightning, while potentially dangerous, can be beautiful.  Check out this LIGHTNING ART FABRIC called SKYLIGHTS from Frond Design Studios


Check out Timeless Treasures FOOD FABRIC right here:

Love to cook too?  Check out MANGIA, MANGIA & DAILY SPECIAL - these Chefs are really having fun:


 Charlotte's Bargain Fabric & Stitchery in The Chisholm Trail Mall is a drop-off for PROJECT LINUS blankets.  

While not necessary to use for Project Linus quilts, you can see all the Charles Schultz inspired fabric - the new Project Linus line from Quilting Treasuers, here:


We continue to improve our selection of some of our MOST POPULAR BASIC designs.  These include:

Andover Dimples

Moda Grunge

110 inch wide backs - Westrade Textiles
Including flannel


Travelling?  Don't forget to stop at Charlotte's Bargain Fabrics & Stitchery in The Chisholm Trail Mall, on the southern edge of Newton, just off I-135.  A mere 20 minutes north of Wichita!

And come the 4 miles north into HISTORIC DOWNTOWN Newton for an eyeful of colorful, inspirational models and the freshest fabric around!

Hope to see you soon!  Have a good week.


Charlotte Wolfe

Charlotte's Sew Natural
710 N. Main St.
Newton, KS  67114
Mon. - Fri. 9:30 - 5:30, Thurs. 'til 8, Sat. 9:30 - 5

Charlotte's Bargain Fabric & Stitchery
601 SE 36th St (Chisholm Trail Mall, #103)
Newton, KS  67114
 Mon. - Fri. 10 - 5:30, Thurs. 'til 6, Sat. 10 - 5:30
Mon. - Sun. 12 - 12 :)

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