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August 1, 2014

Hi all!

Happy August! Summer suddenly seems short.  Oh my!  It has been an exciting one, and there are more fun things in the works. 

How about getting together with other, like-minded quilters and working on some fun, cozy, small projects?  

Come join our new SIMPLE WHATNOTS CLUB featuring Kim Diehl projects & fabrics.  

 The fabrics have just arrived.  We've got them all, including the wide backs.  You can see them here on our web.

Featuring a new small project each month, we plan on meeting afternoons and evenings, the 2nd Thursday of each month, starting AUGUST 14th.

Simple Whatnots Club - Collection 1
by Kim Diehl & Mary Eilerts

Join the Club, $48, receive 6 full-color project patterns & have access to classes.

 The classes will be offered at Charlotte's Sew Natural, downtown Newton, 2nd Thursdays, starting August 14th, through January 8th, 2015.

Club members will have an opportunity to purchase kits first, at special pricing.

Kits will be available to non-club members only if available after Club.

The first kit will be WIDDLYTINKS, offered to Club members for $16.99. This kit contains 25 different fabrics from Kim Diehl's VINTAGE FARMHOUSE collection.

Don't miss out. Join the Club, even if you need us to mail your kits to you!

A fresh, bright,
SWOON QUILT is our entry into the MAJOR LEAGUE QUILTING competition, and WON in the very first bracket!  Yea!! Thank you to all who heeded my call to vote!  It was a great birthday present! :)

To make your own kit, or just collect these fun pairs of bright fat quarters, click here for details:

 You can continue voting for other MLQ competition quilts here, and we'll appear again in the bracket that begins Monday Sept. 1.  Count on it!  I'll remind you. LOL

We now have EXCLUSIVE T-SHIRTS, inspired by our BRIGHT SWOON quilt, for sale.  

Navy, v-neck, 100% cotton shirts, printed front & back.

The printing on the NAVY T-Shirt is very BRIGHT, like the quilt. (In the one photo this doesn't show up well. Maybe the ink is too reflective?) 

I've included a handy size-chart, and you can order a 100% cotton T-Shirt by clicking here:

 Whether you are staying close to home or travelling around the States & Canada this summer, check out the ROW BY ROW EXPERIENCE, a new kind of Shop Hop.  There are more than 50 participating shops in KANSAS alone!

Only New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan & Texas have more participating shops than Kansas.  When you think about the differences in population, Kansas quilters, TAKE A BOW!  

The shop owners knew you wanted another fun activity related to your passion, and you have supported us in great numbers so far.

Ladies & Gentlemen, rev your engines!  The ROW BY ROW EXPERIENCE is in full swing!  

It started Tuesday JULY 1, and you can now pick up free ROW PATTERNS in many quilt shops across the continent.  Quilters Unite!  This is BIG!  LOL 

Click here for details:

I love a good map, and there is a very cool Row By Row Google Map that shows all the shops in all the regions.  You may have to be registered in Google, but then you can select the area of the map you are interested in, zoom in until you get to the level of detail you are interested in and go from there.  Very sweet!

As I have 2 shops, I have two rows.  The theme of the Row by Row is SEW A SEASON.  We've chosen two different seasons.

At Charlotte's Sew Natural, downtown, Summer or Fall? Let's just call it: SEW HAPPY SUNFLOWERS  


At Charlotte's Bargain Fabrics, The Chisholm Trail Mall, Sew the Season of Winter!



Every row finishes 36-inches long, so they can all be used together.

Mine each use CREATIVE GRIDS rulers.

Please, please, please!  If you are on Facebook, please go to

and vote for my rows by clicking on their image, and then LIKE them.  You can find the ROW BY ROW ALBUM, under PHOTOS.

At the end of summer, the rows with the most LIKES will win prizes for the store.  And I'll share! :O

 The last time I looked, our SNOWMAN was in SECOND PLACE!  Yea!  Looking good for a CREATIVE GRIDS FESTIVAL DAY this Fall at Charlotte's. :)

Come see SEW HAPPY SUNFLOWERS now, but you'll have to come between now & the end of August to get the FREE ROW PATTERN.

 I used one of my new, favorite rulers, the COTTAGE RULER, a non-slip ruler from Creative Grids to cut my shapes.  This ruler makes cutting parallelograms easy.  Not to mention TRAPEZOIDS. 

The popular SEW HAPPY fabric plate is expected soon.  Place your order now.

And how's this for an idea for using my SUNFLOWER ROW pattern?  Play with the values as well as the colors, and maybe increase the size?  What a cool "modern" look!

As of this writing, neither store has had a "winner".  You can be the "winner", by bringing your completed quilt, which included 8 different Kansas Rows.  You'll win an assortment of 25 FAT QUARTERS.  Include the row of the store you come to, and you'll receive a bonus prize!

 NEW BLOCK A MONTH ready to deliver

Come see our completed quilt hanging in the store - you're gonna love it!

You can buy HOUSE WARMING, as a complete kit now, or month by month for SIX MONTHS.  

 This new BLOCK-A-MONTH quilt is written by Vicki Bellino and designed especially for using Marcus Strip-It fabrics.

Click here for more info on "Strip-It" fabrics and the complete HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS fabric collection here:

Marti Michell Bordered Rows Sampler Quilt Looking for a full-size quilt class?  Instruction, patterns, encouragement, camaraderie all for one low price!  $48/year

This SAMPLER QUILT CLASS will start in September, and meet every month, the 3rd Thursday, morning and evening, for an entire year.

BORDERED ROWS by MARTI MICHELL, will feature 12 unique quilt blocks, using her SET L TEMPLATES.

Instructor Mary Eilerts will guide you through, step by step, from selecting fabric to perfecting your technique, producing a beautiful quilt.

Better yet, this is a lecture/demo class, so you don't have to haul in all your sewing supplies.

We'll gladly help you select fabrics that suit your taste & decor, or you can use Marti's beautiful fabrics, TOMORROW'S PROMISE, pictured here, by Maywood Studios.

The third block kit, AUGUST block, of our newest, "Buck-A-Block" monthly series quilt will be ready to pick up next Wednesday, August 6th.  There is still time to get the 2nd (JULY) block for just $3.


Each kit will have strips of different colored fabric, including a white background, plus instructions.

This year, it will be $3/kit, the month of issue, and $5/kit after the month.   If you want to make a 70" x 90" quilt, you will need to buy 2 kits each month in 8 of the 12 months.

Thangles are optional, but available.  Later on, there will be a finishing kit for approx. $20, to finish the top of a TWIN size quilt.  Backing will be additional.

Yes, for at least the first few months, you won't know what you're doing.  LOL  If that sounds like fun (or just like the rest of your life), this is for you! :)

Each month you'll buy fabric and receive instructions of something to sew, but at first, you won't know what you're making. 

Here are some colors that will be involved:

You can also 


It starts in June.

Click here for details:

 If you love a BARGAIN, be sure to visit our ALL ON SALE location, CHARLOTTE'S BARGAIN FABRIC & STITCHERY, in The Chisholm Trail Mall, just off I-135, south of Newton.

All fabric is marked a minimum of 20% off the original price.  Many are marked down much further, with tables full of $6.97, $5.97 & $4.97/yard fabrics, some even lower!

Many SALE ITEMS listed in the web store on-line too:

On SALE up to 25% Off

On SALE 26% to 50% Off

On SALE 50% Off and more!



 Do you like a CHALLENGE?  
This one can be solved with a little fabric and some creative input.  Even if you've never tried one before, consider this contest.

WHERE'S SUNNY?  A Viewer's Choice Mini-Quilt Contest sponsored by the Central Kansas Quilt Shop Hop participating shops.

 Stop into Charlotte's Sew Natural downtown (or request by mail), and get a registration packet for $2.  

This will include the rules and the custom printed fabric image that you'll need to use in your MINI-QUILT.  

 The quilts are to finish a maximum of 18 x 22 inches.  Entries are due by August 30th.  This is a "viewers' choice" contest and prize money will be determined by the votes or your friends and other quilt shop hoppers.  
Details here:

Central KANSAS QUILT SHOP HOP T-SHIRTS on sale now.  Great looking, fun to wear, support your LOCAL QUILT SHOPS! :)

 Lots of new stuff in the store, new quilt kits, CHRISTMAS, HALLOWEEN, and more.  

Here's a shot of our MYSTERY PROJECT, which we handed out patterns for at the JULY LET'S GET STARTED event.  We sold out of these kids that day, but would be happy to put something similar together just for you.  Just ask. :)

We're making lots of new inspirational stuff, and planning even more fun events.  

If you're feeling uninspired or lethargic, we're not!  Come see us and catch the fever!  LOL

 Have a good week.  Hope to see you soon!


Charlotte Wolfe

Charlotte's Sew Natural
710 N. Main St.
Newton, KS  67114
Mon. - Fri. 9:30 - 5:30, Thurs. 'til 6:30, 
Sat. 9:30 - 5


Charlotte's Bargain Fabric & Stitchery
601 SE 36th St (Chisholm Trail Mall, #103)
 Newton, KS  67114
Mon. - Fri. 10 - 5:30, Thurs. 'til 6, Sat. 10 - 5:30
Mon. - Sun. 12 - 12  (always there)



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