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16" x 20"

The 2006 Charlotte's Other Quilt Club Featuring Thimbleberries Fabrics.  

January Mini-Quilt

Thimbleberries 2006 Quilt Club fabrics and Lori Smith’s NINE PATCH VARIATION mini quilt.


· Start with 8 fat quarters. 

· Pair 3 colored prints with each of two “light background.

· Following the pattern on page 3 of TWENTY LITTLE FAT QUARTER QUILTS, make 2 blocks each of Blocks 1 & 2 from each combination.  This will yield 24 blocks.  Only 20 are needed for this layout. [See note below.]

· Play with the blocks until you are satisfied with the arrangement, 4 blocks wide by 5 blocks tall.

· Add the narrow border, quilt and bind.

· Finished quilt should be approximately 
16” x 20”.

This quilt consists of 7-1/2" blocks and measures approx. 72" x 89" when finished.  Designed and copyrighted by Lori Smith.

After making the 16" x 20" mini-quilt, there will be enough fabric to make some 7-1/2" blocks each month. You may choose to receive more fabric each month**, insuring you can make 7 blocks monthly and complete the fabulous sampler quilt pictured above in just 12 months.

Picture of the actual finished SMALL QUILT.


 MONTHLY we will make a SMALL QUILT,
16" x 20" using these fat quarters.  We will be using patterns designed and copyrighted by Lori Smith. 

See SLIDE SHOW above.

Note - 
Before cutting for blocks

  1. Cut BINDING - cross grain from the black fat quarter.  Cut a 7" x 22" rectangle and sub-cut 4 pcs, 1-3/4" each.  See my "Tips - Techniques for Cutting Strips With More Accuracy" (click "Tips" above ) for a full explanation of this technique.

  2. Cut BORDERS from darker of 2 "light" backgrounds.  Notice that there are 2 sizes.  Cut 4-1/4" x 22" rectangle, sub-cut two 1" and two 1-1/8" strips.  

  3. Follow Lori's tips for cutting and sub-cutting to get small pieces.  Try it!  You'll like it!

  4. An accurate "scant" 1/4" is a MUST for these small units and blocks.  My Janome Memory Craft 6500 has an excellent 1/4" foot with a little extension which the fabric butts up next to, producing an accurate seam allowance every time.  
    Take a look at the hand tool THE ANGLER.  Attaches to your sewing machine with tape and works great!  You might try the "Roman Stripes" block below to check your accuracy.  Anything uneven, cutting or sewing, will really show up in that one and adjustments can be made!  Maybe all you need is a new SHARP blade! :)

  5. My favorite rulers when working small are any of the Omnigrid with 1/8" grid markings.  Check out the 6-1/2" square and the 4" x 8".  


See all the Omnigrid rulers in the web store at:


See The Angler:



January Extra 7-1/2" Blocks
left over fabrics and extra Option 2 fat quarters 

Maple Leaf - page 3 

[See Quick Geese Method to make the 4 Flying Geese units needed for this first block.]

Shoo Fly - page 8

[See Tips for making this block at right.]

Milky Way - page 8
Click here for construction details.

Roman Strip - page 13

Leaf Block - page 19

Jack In Pulpit - page 19

Whirly Gig - page 22

[Check back periodically to see what other "tips" I add to help with these blocks.]

Click here for the February - Mini Baskets - page.

Click here for a PDF of the Shoo Fly Block.

Click here for the March - Vase of Flowers - page.

Click here for the April - Odd Fellows Chain - page.

Click here for the May - Anvil - page.

Click here for the June - 4-Patch Delight.

Click here for July - Diamond In A Square.

Click here for August - Broken Dishes.

Click here for September - Homage to Mrs. Taft.

Click here for October - Friends Remembered.

Click here for November - Flock of Geese.

Click here for December - [coming soon].

Quick Geese Method - Use the 1 large and 4 small squares (do not sub-cut into triangles as directed in pattern).  
Place 2 small on top of large and stitch 1/4" either side of center as illustrated.  
Cut down center and press small triangles away from large triangle.  Lay small squares on "nose of fox" as illustrated.  
Stitch 1/4" either side of center, cut and press.  
This method yields 4 Flying Geese without sewing any triangles.

If you like this method check out Lazy Girl's 4X Flying Geese Ruler.  No math required.  You just need to know finished size of Goose and use the lines on the ruler for your cutting guides!

Click here to see a pdf of this page which might print better than the web page itself.  You can also save this page in your "favorites" and check "make available off-line" for easy reference.



Use 1-1/4" Thangles to make Half Square Triangle units.  Make: 4 HSTs - Green1 + Green2; 4HSTs - Green1 + Red; 4HSTs Green2 + Red (Click on THANGLES image to see complete details on using Thangles.)

Sew RECTANGLES (1.75" x 2.25") to HSTs and stitch together as shown.

Draw a stitching line through the corner of the center HST unit, 45-degrees from sides of unit as shown.

Cut 3-1/2" squares: 4 Burgundy, 2 Green1, 2 Green2

Lay one square on each corner.  From wrong side of pieced unit, stitch on the drawn line.   Press squares towards outside.  Trim two underneath layers only to 1/4" seam allowance.


Use a square ruler (such as the Omnigrid 6-1/2") to trim edges.  
Square unit should measure 4-1/4" including seam allowances.

Carefully sew 4 units together, matching seams as carefully as possible, alternating direction of seam allowances if possible.

Here is the completed SHOO FLY block.
Notice how different it looks on point (as it is in our quilt) and straight set!








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