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Modern Mountains

My inspiration for this project was Kate Spain's Lost City quilt. 

There is a free pattern for her quilt if you click here.

However, I wanted to make it quicker & with fewer seams, so here's what I did.




I am making a 14" block.

I started with two 18 x 20 inch rectangles (trimmed fat quarters), per 2 blocks.  In this case, I had 5 print fat quarters and 5 white fat quarters.  (This makes 10, but I only used 9 blocks.)

Iron flat, trim to 18 x 20 and lay with right sides facing up, on a cutting mat.  

Starting about an inch in from the lower corner, cut them on a 45-degree angle.


Pair each white with a print, and sew them together with a 1/4" seam allowance.  The seam is pressed towards the darker fabric.

Next, stack them, right sides facing up, one to the left, and one to the right, making sure to cut mirror image units.


Slice them into seven 2-1/2" strips (17-1/2" of the 18").




Lay them out in reverse order of how they were cut.  The strip that was at the bottom when you cut, will be at the top when you sew.  In the picture of the strips being cut above, the strips are rearranged and become the block on the right in the picture of the mirror image blocks.

If you stack and cut as I describe you will have two blocks that are the mirror image of each other.

Make & cut all of the blocks.  If you would like to mix up the fabrics, so you have a variety in each block, as in the Lost City quilt, re-sort strips from the same position (i.e. 3rd from the bottom would always stay 3rd from the bottom) into other blocks before following the next steps.




This image on the left, illustrates how we DON'T want it to come out.

The image in the upper left of this trio, illustrates that if you just sew the strips together you will not get the right shape.  

Our goal is to create a square block with points staggered at a 45-degree angle.  If you stitch the strips "as is", you will get a rectangle whose steps are not at a 45-degree angle.

Using a ruler as a guide, slip the strips to the left and right, approximately 1/4"-3/8" in each row, before sewing them together.  After they are all stitched, trim the ends even. 

You could also do this step on a gridded cutting mat.  From the upper left corner, straight across the top edge to even with where the lower right corner ends, should measure 14-1/2", or slightly larger. 

After sewing, trim the block to measure 14-1/2" square.  This includes seam allowances.  
The finished block will be 14" square.

Before any outside borders, with 2" finished (cut 2-1/2") sashing, a nine-block quilt measures 46" square.  

The 9-block quilt top shown here measures 46-1/2" wide x 50-1/2" with the extra sashing at the top and bottom.

Have fun with this technique!

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