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Exclusive BATIK for Quilt Shop Hop

This is the 14th year that we have had a Central Kansas Quilt Shop Hop.  Each year we “tweek” it a bit.  In addition to the fabric for the 12″ quilt block, this year’s kits will include a silver plated CHARM.  Visit all 11 shops & collect all 11 quilt related charms!

And, again, we’ve got a custom BATIK fabric from Hoffman, which can only be purchased from participating shops, as it was designed exclusively for the 11 member quilt shops!

At the downtown store, you can now pre-order 2012 Central Kansas Exclusive Shop Hop Custom Sunflower Batik Fabric, 100% cotton, 45″ wide.
This year there is more limited availability, so we won’t be taking as many pre-orders.  We also have T-shirts & Shop Hop collectible pins available now too.

You may pick up the fabric in the store, any time after the start of the Hop or we will mail your fabric to you.

This fabric is hand painted and every yard is slightly different. The image here contains a collage of pieces cut from different bolts & sections of the bolt. Intensity of colors change from multi-color to primarily red. The background is ‘blacklight’, and matches Hoffman’s 1895-537 hand-dyed watercolor fabric.

The large sunflower is approx. 4″ in diameter.  The large leaf is approx. 3″ long.   Click here for more details and to order.

Starting in early September, each of the 11 shops will reveal their unique quilt featuring this exclusive fabric. 

During the Quilt Shop Hop, for 3 days only, you’ll be able to visit each store and purchase their unique sampler block kit, which includes the pattern & fabric for a 12″ finished block, plus a silver-plated QUILT CHARM.  Visit all 11 shops and you’ll be rewarded with a special “Thank You” gift too!

In late September, but before the Hop, you’ll be able to see photographs of all of the quilts at the web site:

I am very excited about my quilt, and am looking forward to seeing what the long-arm quilter adds to it with the quilting.  Patterns and kits will be available in limited numbers.  Hope you like it!

Random Sewing

“Random” sewing is harder than it seems, at least for some of us!  In addition to loosening up with a glass of wine, or in this case, a pitcher of margaritas, here’s a more often used “crutch” – put all the fabrics in brown paper bags, draw from them in no particular order, and stitch whatever comes out unless it is the same as one of the last 2 previous pieces.

My quilt has actually come along pretty well. It is still supposed to be a “secret”, but I am really pleased with how it has turned out, and will be unveiling the completed quilt soon. :)

When the machine quilter came to pick it up, she made me look at lots of quilt pattern options! Oh my! I think we’ve picked some good stuff though, so stay tuned!

Fluffy gave her big fluffy stamp of approval by spending the past two days curled up in my Shop Hop Quilt project box! LOL

Salsa & Shop Hop

Okey dokey!  The summer is flying by and Fall is zooming towards us at an alarming rate! 

The Central Kansas Quilt Shop Hop is the first weekend in October, the 5th, 6th & 7th to be exact.

I have to make a unique quilt, using all 11 of the different quilt shop’s blocks, plus our exclusive, custom designed, sunflower batik (notice the block’s center).

Took one look at my block and thought, “Break out the salsa, chips & margaritas!”  I am ready to get creative! LOL

For more information on the CKQSH, go to

A new beginning!

I am very excited to get started blogging!  Right up ’til this moment, I had lots to say!  LOL 

I am actually rather distracted by my need to pull together the newest list of classes to be offered at Charlotte’s Sew Natural, downtown, and so had better head back to that task. 

But yea!  I have started blogging! 

BTW – if you want to see the classes we’re offering in the store, you see those by clicking here: