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New Christmas Stockings are done.

I noticed that this pattern, Stocking Sweet Stocking, has been listed in the top 3 best selling patterns for months at one of my distributors.  So I thought, “Maybe I should make one.” LOL

While the pattern uses the very popular tool, LIL TWISTER, I decided to give Marti Michell’s newest tool, TESSELATING WINDMILLS, a chance, and I LOVE IT!

You can see Marti’s video demonstration here:

Marti video

If you have the LIL TWISTER, go ahead and use it, maybe.  I almost can’t endorse that, as Marti’s tool doesn’t waste any fabric or the time, since you are just cutting and sewing once!


I started with a MODA CHARM PACK, CHERRY CHRISTMAS by Aneela Hoey. 






I followed the instructions that come with Marti’s tool, using the 4″ line and added border squares. 

It cuts & sews just like a 4-patch, making it easy for beginners too.


        Fluffy doesn’t seem to care if a quilt is fully assembled or not! LOL







I was able to cut TWO stocking fronts from this resulting mini-quilt.  







Twice as good as suggested in the pattern using the Lil Twister tool which creates slightly smaller squares.

The Tessellating Windmill tool has 8 sizes marked on it.  So I was able to use the 3″ line for the cuff, which yielded the same size called for in the pattern.

 A coordinating fabric looks good on the back.

 The stocking is larger than my family has used in the past, but not too big.  The instructions are clear and easy to follow. 

Changing tools wasn’t hard, as I just skipped those steps, following the instructions with the Tessellating Windmill there, and came back when I was ready to start quilting the fabric.

I can see why this pattern is a “best seller”!