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Shop Hop Quilt ready to hang.

I’m so happy!  My Quilt Shop Hop quilt is done and ready to hang!  It is big!  94 inches square.  You could make it smaller by changing a few dimensions if you didn’t want it to fit a queen-size bed.  And of course, it would be easy to make it larger!

Lily & I ran up to the Carriage Factory Gallery’s second floor for enough light and space to get a good image. 

Now, when it stops raining, we’ll run it up to the store and start climbing ladders! Yea!

I’m calling this quilt FRIDA’S SUNFLOWER DREAM.  If you search quotes by Frida Kahlo, this one comes up quickly: “I never paint dreams or nightmares.  I paint my own reality.”   So call it “my dream”. :)

The quilt which inspired me and the original pattern are by Deb Madir.  The pattern will be for sale in the store complete with my alternative measurements for cutting, with Deb’s permissioin. 

The quilting was done by Kay Clark of Wichita.


Flower & quilting detail. Frida’s Garden fabric by Alexander Henry and the exclusive sunflower BATIK, available from and in the downtown store.