Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

I love ART MUSEUMS!  So, I was very excited to get to visit the newest one in the region, Crystal Bridges in Bentonville Arkansas

There is so much inspiration to be found from other artists, no matter their medium!

Here were a few of my favorites of that day!

Devorah Sperber started with spools of thread, lots of them!

Her piece requires a viewing lens, and here’s what you get! Delightful!

American Gothic 2

Here were a couple of other great ones!  I think I was interested in portraits of women this day. 

John Singer Sargent – Mary Chamberlain

Norman Rockwell – Rosie The Riveter

Will Barnet – Woman Reading (me every night, only my cat is black!)

And my Lily! :)

Then there was this!  Really weird!

Evan Penny – Old Self: Portrait of the Artist as He Will (Not) Be. Variation #2

It was funny that there were no barriers around any of the artwork.  A kindly guard asks you in the beginning to stay back from the artwork.  But there was no way any of these guys were getting any closer!  hahahah!

We had a great trip and I recommend you check it out if you ever get to Northwest Arkansas!  Thank you Alice Walton! 


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