This blog includes glimpses into my daily life, especially the parts that include fabric and my life as a quilt shop owner! 

I own Charlotte’s Sew Natural in Historic Downtown Newton, KS, Charlotte’s Bargain Fabric & Stitchery in The Chisholm Trail Mall, Newton, and, on the World Wide Web! 

My favorite adjective is “creative”!  And my over-use of the exclamation mark in my writing is because it best emphasizes my excitement when you can’t see  my facial expressions or me talking with my hands!

I like to describe myself & my tastes by saying “just show me the box, so I know what I have to get out of”.  :)

In addition to sewing & quilt making, I also love food.  I like to go out to eat, stay in and eat, sit around with friends & family talking about food & eating!   I also like to read, watch movies, travel, garden & play with my cats. 

So, I imagine my blog, while concentrating on my relationship with fabric, will also touch on bits and pieces of all of the above.  Thanks for reading!

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