New Cell Phone Wallet

One of the nice things about living in the middle of Kansas, is our proximity to so many other places!  We’re just about 7 hours drive from Boulder Colorado, and so, with a 3 day weekend ahead of us, we sped off into the sunset on Friday evening.

But, I needed a handy wallet/carrier for my new cell phone/camera before we left!  I couldn’t risk clutching it in my hand for an entire trip.  So here was my “quickie” solution.

First I selected two pieces of fabric (just happened to have some extra Shop Hop batik lying around the sewing room) and ironed them together with Fast2Fuse in between, which has just the right amount of stiffness for the shape of my bag. 

Fast 2 Fuse fuses two pieces together. Very handy! Great body.

Next I wrapped a piece of scrap paper around the phone, and marked the shape I thought I wanted.  I added seam allowance and a bit more, then folded the paper in half before trimming to size so it would be symmetric.  I laid that on top of the fabric sandwich and cut.

Ready to cut fused body/interfacing/lining sandwich with custom pattern.

I need a secure pocket for my credit cards, driver’s license, and cash, so I cut a 2-layer pocket.  I attached one side of a zipper to the top edge and used the 2nd piece to finish the other 3 edges and attached a strip of velcro to the pocket before stitching the pocket to the inside front of the bag.  I placed it just close enough that the 2nd side of the zipper would be partially covered with the binding around the edge, that would be applied later.  I took a tuck at both lower corners to create some depth for the cards.  I should have made the pocket a smidge bigger, as it is a tighter fit than I’d like.  Just have to carry less cash! :)

One side of zipper applied to top of pocket. Other 3 sides finished with pocket lining before being stitched to bag.

After the pocket is attached, the other side of the velcro is stitched to the underside of the flap.  I folded the fabric around my phone and marked where the lower edge should be.  Then I stitched bias around the outside edge, through 2 layers on each side, and 1 layer where the fold-over flap started, from lower corner to lower corner.  I wrapped it to the inside and topstitched in place.

Cord slides into stitched loops (sewn under binding) and gets knotted at proper length, then trimmed. The seam you see here is only because I was using scraps, and stitched two together to get a bigger piece. “Make do!”

 I like my finished bag!

If you don’t want velcro’s top-stitching to show, you should remember to attach velcro before you fuse 3 layers together in step 1. I don’t mind.


Pocket with zipper for inside security.

I was happy to have it with me on our hikes, as the phone’s camera is so good.  Me on the right below, see it peaking out under my shirt.

Me hiking the Boulder Canyon Trail with Lily, Francis and Randy.


And I’m certainly glad I had my camera phone handy when we got to what seemed like the Top of the World on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park.  What a gorgeous day and fun trip!

Continental Divide summit on Trail Ridge Road, between Estes Park and Grand Lake Colorado.


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  1. Sandy says:

    Oh how I love Trail Ridge Road in the Rocky Mountain National Park! Thanks for posting the photo! It brings back many memories of family trips!

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