Random Sewing

“Random” sewing is harder than it seems, at least for some of us!  In addition to loosening up with a glass of wine, or in this case, a pitcher of margaritas, here’s a more often used “crutch” – put all the fabrics in brown paper bags, draw from them in no particular order, and stitch whatever comes out unless it is the same as one of the last 2 previous pieces.

My quilt has actually come along pretty well. It is still supposed to be a “secret”, but I am really pleased with how it has turned out, and will be unveiling the completed quilt soon. :)

When the machine quilter came to pick it up, she made me look at lots of quilt pattern options! Oh my! I think we’ve picked some good stuff though, so stay tuned!

Fluffy gave her big fluffy stamp of approval by spending the past two days curled up in my Shop Hop Quilt project box! LOL

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